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Residency Art & Full-time Freelance

Before we jump into that tasty art, I wanted to make an announcement!


It might not be the smartest time to jump into freelancing as my main job what with another recession seemingly around the corner. But right now I'm lucky enough to have the problem of being overwhelmed with more illustration work than I am able to fit into a part-time schedule. So I'm taking the leap! I just applied for a business license and reduced my hours at the bookstore and relinquished my caretaking shifts. Art will be my primary income for as long as I'm able to keep it up! Any advice for small business owners is appreciated. I'm so excited to share the projects I'm working on with you as they are completed. I'd love to get an illustration agent soon to reduce the workload a bit. So please wish me luck on that end! Giving a like to my Facebook page or following on Instagram would be a huge help as social media presence (unfortunately) adds a lot of worth to my art.

Ok now for the fun stuff! This is not entirely everything as there are some characters I need to edit digitally before posting. I did quite a bit of writing as well for a game module I'd like to beta release by the summer. All the digital pieces were commissions and the traditional pieces are a mix of watercolor and chalk pastel. I've really fallen in love with pastels recently and am trying to figure out how I want it to play into my style. It's so much fun to get messy! I have a very detailed style and a loose style, and I'd like to be able to blend the two more seamlessly.

That's all for now! If you'd like you can subscribe to this blog to keep up on my illustration adventures. Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions or shoot me an email if you'd like to commission something! Like I said things are busy right now so the more advance notice I have about project timelines the better!



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