About Me

Stories, whether true or fictional are important. Stories change lives, generate empathy, and foster community. I seek to highlight, expand, embellish, advertise and create stories and experiences that help people feel loved, heard, and valuable.

You can hire me to illustrate books, games, articles, logos, posters, album covers, and other products. Interested? Email me and I'll give you a quote, we'll sign a contract, I'll send the first invoice, and then I'll get to work! I will always ask for half payment upfront to keep both of us accountable. 

Who am I?

I'm an artist from Seattle who loves reading, dancing, sword fighting, and playing tabletop games. I throw a lot of murder mystery parties because nothing brings a group together like solving a crime! My side gig is working a couple of days a week at a local indie bookstore in Seattle. I graduated with nine other illustration seniors from Seattle Pacific University in 2017. 


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