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Fasting from Overwhelm

I've decided to disconnect from social media for a while, but wanted a public place to post art and life updates for those who wish to follow along. I am making no commitment as to the content, length or frequency of updates. This is for me to use if I wish and for others to read if they wish.

This weekend I attended the First Aid Arts participant training workshop. Even though the process was uncomfortable at times, I am realizing at the other end that I came out with a lot more than I anticipated. One of the biggest takeaways was that I need to prioritize my mental, physical, and temporal clarity. I've wanted to break away from social media for a while but felt such pressure to stay connected, to never miss out on anything, to live my life to its busiest, and to be present online for the sake of my art career.

Well! I had already decided that focusing on art as a commodity was destroying my enjoyment of it anyway so that doesn't matter any more. And during this workshop I realized that being busy doesn't make me more fulfilled, satisfied, or any more valuable as a person. In fact, it often drains my enjoyment of the present because I'm always thinking about the next thing I have to do. And if I'm being really honest, prioritizing business tends to make me look down on people who choose to take life a little slower. That's not fair to them or myself. One of the women at the workshop said her phrase for the experience was "I give myself permission". And I really resonated with that. So.

I am giving myself permission to disconnect. I am giving myself permission to miss out. I am giving myself permission to be still.

I may as well follow the advice of my own art right?

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